Mixton - waterpermeable stabilized gravel revetment

After nearly 2 years of preparation and developmental work, now there is this new, exclusive and innovative stabilized gravel revetment, which is completely water permeable, and can be used both interiorly and exteriorly.
It  uniquely eliminates the watertight features of the concrete, asphalt and macadam revetments, and enables the free flow of rainwater into the soil. Due to its flexible bonding material, it follows the movements of the substructure without making any cracks. Further advantages in contrast with the traditional, non-water permeable revetments are that during its usage, it decreases noise pollution, it does not concentrate pollutants(oil, sewage, etc.), and it keeps away concentrated rainwater from sewer systems, and wastewater treatments.
A video presents water permeability is available here:
It absorbs hundreds of liters of water per minute

Fields of use of the Mixton revetment
  • Roads, cycle paths
  • Pavements, walkways, pedestrian zones
  • Parking lots with big surface
  • Driveways
  • Park constructions, landscape architecture
  • Ponds and coast design for natural water sources
  • Framing of boles
  • Decoration, interior architecture
Properties of the Mixton revetment
  • Longevity
  • Low maintenance needs
  • 100% transpiration-free
  • Its bonding material contains more than 50% recycled materials
  • Resistant to acidity and alkalinity
  • Resistant to fast temperature fluctuation and has a perfect frost-resistant quality
  • Ensures the ventilation and the transpiration of the soil
  • Has a limitless water permeability
  • Ensures a realistic and natural stone effect
  • With similar use, it generates less noise pollution
  • Great load capacity

Some of our projects

> Balatonkenese, Sundial
> Budapest, Falk Miksa Str, frame of tree-trunks
> Budapest, Chainbridge park
> Budapest, Olympic Park
> Budapest, Széll Kálmán Square
> Balatonfüred, Promenade in front of Hotel Flamingo
> Balatonfüred, Tagore Promenade
> Debrecen, Nagyerdei Water Tower
> Hódmezővásárhely, Rapcsák András Str, frame of tree-trunks
> Szeged, Korányi fasor, frame of tree-trunks at Tisza part
> Székesfehérvár, Koronás Park
> Szombathely, Károlyi Gáspár Square - Alma Mater
> Verőce, private park