Stabilizer® - stabilized crushed gravel pavement

The binder used for Stabilizer® is a organic powder. It is not toxic, colorless and odorless, it is a secondary product/by-product which has excellent binding features. It can be used without any restrictions at the area of landscape conservation and water conservation as it contains 100% natural materials.
Stabilizer® is also suitable for grassland with sloping and erosion, and to stabilize areas around the tree trunk or frame tree trunks.
The cover created by Stabilizer® does not require care, the same as traditional cover. If excessive use causes injuries, the surface can be easily repaired. It is enough to apply the material moisten the damaged area and renew the surface. After a few days the repaired surface is no longer recognizable.
Fields of use of the Stabilizer® revetment
Roads, cycle paths
Pavements, walkways, pedestrian zones
Parking lots with big surface
School yards
Park constructions, landscape architecture
Framing of boles
Properties of the Stabilizer® revetment
Enviromentally friendly
Water permeable
Ideal for sport facilities
Long lifetime, easy maintenance
Stable, flexible, tintable