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Mixtura Ltd., which produces and trades with building materials, is located at the northern industrial zone of Veszprém, Hungary. It’s been 20 years that the entirely private business has been successfully on the market, as a producer of building materials, and also as a professional representative of technical products. Constant research and development activity and innovative potential ensures the continuous renewal of our products and the need to meet the requirements. Our competitiveness, thereby our firm market position is thus raised by the quality/price ratio, besides the required quality.


With the help of Thermomix ESP, EPS, NEO and Thermowool thermal insulation systems and their complementary products can be used to design and implement boundary wall structures that comply with the most stringent thermal engineering requirements.

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In addition to the aesthetic appearance, the modern facade coatings of our buildings are also important for the protection of building structures.

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The mechanical and weathering recourse is often higher, than the facades above the plinth.

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It is not enough to have only mechanical and aesthetic compliance, climatic conditions and their changes require complete planning.

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To create heavy-load industrial coatings besides decorative interior floors. The Mozaik Stone Carpet System provides a unique way to create unlimited color variations.

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During the construction process, in almost every case, we need materials for the preparation. These materials play an important role in surface consolidation, moisture absorption, adhesion repair, waterproofing.

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From 2001 our company represents the German manufacturer Gebrüder Dorfner GmbH as a distributor. Dorfner's profile is the production and further processing and coating of quartz sand of high purity (in a very wide particle size range) by mining.

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